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                • 排烟管道在安装时需要注意哪些方面?
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                1, the section area of the pipe is smaller
                排烟管道由于要穿︼过建筑梁而使管道通风截面积变小,截面上阻力增加,造成Ψ 气流不通畅。
                Due to the crossing of the building beam, the ventilation section area of the exhaust pipe is smaller and the resistance on the section increases, resulting in the airflow is not smooth.
                2. The ventilation area of the main exhaust pipe is not enough
                According to the engineering experience, the wind speed in the exhaust main pipe should not exceed 15m/s, otherwise it will easily cause the smoke exhaust system to be unsmooth after a period of operation. In the operation practice of the oil fume purifier, most of the cases are caused by the insufficient ventilation area of the exhaust pipe, and the flow velocity of gas in the pipe is above 15m/s.
                3. Accumulation of accumulations after pipeline use
                When the exhaust pipe is passing through the building beam or avoiding other equipment pipes, a section of the exhaust pipe will be lower than the overall exhaust pipe plane. After a period of use, the oil and water mixture will accumulate in the lower exhaust pipe, which directly affects the fluency of the exhaust.
                4. Propose a smoke exhaust fan
                For kitchens with larger fumes, it is suggested that a smoke exhaust fan should be equipped.
                5. The low level of exhaust smoke is not smooth
                不同楼层的厨房油烟通过同一主□ 管道排出,离出口近的楼层厨房排烟效果较好,而较低楼层的厨房排烟不通畅。
                The kitchen fumes from different floors are discharged through the same main pipe, and the smoke exhaust from the kitchen near the exit is better, while the kitchen exhaust smoke on the lower floor is not smooth.