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                • 你知道油烟净化器有哪些工作原理吗?
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                The working principle of different kinds of oil fume purifiers:


                1. Catalyst combustion method


                The principle of combustion purification method is to use the heat generated by high temperature combustion to carry out oxidation reaction, and convert the pollutants in the exhaust gas of oil fume into such substances as CO2 and H2O, so as to achieve the purpose of purification. In the combustion process, the fume exhaust gas is allowed to pass through the self-purification catalyst, and the catalytic reaction of the catalyst is conducive to the conversion of pollutants. In general, ceramic or metal honeycomb carriers are used for oxidation catalysis. This kind of fume purification equipment is only suitable for low fume concentration occasions, such as raw food or semi-finished products.



                2. Activated Carbon Adsorption Method


                Adsorption of pollutant particles in soot by granular activated carbon or activated carbon fiber felt. The characteristics of this equipment are similar to those of filtration and purification equipment, but the effect of removing odor molecules from oil fume is better.


                3. Electrostatic treatment

                电场在外加高压的作用下,负极的金属丝表面或附近放出电子迅速向正极运动,与气体分子碰撞并离子化。油烟废气通过这个高压电场时,油烟粒子在极短的时间内因碰撞俘获气体离子而导致荷电,受电场力作用向正极集尘板运动,从而ω达到分离效果。这种设备的投资少、占地小、无二次污染□ 、运行费用低。由于易于捕捉粒径较小的粉尘,净化效率高,可达85~95%。它的净化机理与气体方法的区别在于:分离力是静电力,直接作用在粒子上,而不是作用在气流上,因此具有能耗低,阻力小的特点。

                Under the action of applied high voltage, electrons emitted from the wire surface or near the negative electrode move rapidly to the positive electrode, collide with gas molecules and ionize. When the fume exhaust gas passes through the high voltage electric field, the particles of the fume are charged by colliding and capturing gas ions in a very short time, and move towards the positive dust collector plate under the action of electric field force, thus achieving the separation effect. This kind of equipment has the advantages of less investment, less land occupation, no secondary pollution and low operation cost. Because it is easy to capture the dust with smaller particle size, the purification efficiency is high, up to 85-95%. The difference between its purification mechanism and gas method is that the separation force is electrostatic force, which acts directly on particles rather than on airflow, so it has the characteristics of low energy consumption and low resistance.